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What is HOA Syndrome? ¿Qué es el síndrome HOA?

What is HOA Syndrome? 
¿Qué es el síndrome HOA?

HOA Syndrome falls into the psychiatric category of Anxiety Disorders. The Syndrome is characterized by a cluster of signs and symptoms–psychophysiological indicators–such as:

· feeling angry much of the time
· tired and fatigued
· anxious
· on-edge or irritable
· unhappy in one’s own home
· depressed and sad
· worried
· nihilistic (hopeless)
· over or under eating
· sleeping disorders and/or nightmares
· fear of going to one’s own mailbox,
· paranoia · loss of identity
· fear of allowing one’s children to play in their own neighborhood
· fear of having one’s car ticketed or towed
· stressed out
· body aches and pains
· intestinal problems and/or acid reflux
· memory loss · obsessive rumination
· temporal mandibular joint problems (TMJ) and/or grinding of teeth
· hypervigilance · restlessness
· fear of losing one’s pet
· sexual dysfunction

What Causes HOA Syndrome?

At the root of HOA Syndrome is intentional, longitudinal and methodical harassment. Shortly after the individual takes possession of their property, the HOA strategically begins to focus on the homeowner’s minor, if not non-existent infractions. The purpose for these attacks is to create an income stream. This income stream makes its way into the pockets of the management companies, collection agencies and attorneys, none of whom live within the community that they are harassing. Like ravenous parasites, these organizations feed off of fear-based harassment. The homeowner, now locked into a mortgage, feels powerless over the HOA’s relentless hounding for more and more money. In short: the evolution of schoolyard bullying and lunch money stealing has turned into adult comportment known in the legal world as, racketeering, financial exploitation and extortion, and neighborhood money pilfering.

¿Qué es el síndrome HOA?

El síndrome de HOA entra en la categoría psiquiátrica de los trastornos de ansiedad. El síndrome se caracteriza por un conjunto de signos y síntomas -indicadores psicofisiológicos- tales como:

·        Sentirse enojado la mayor parte del tiempo
·        cansado y fatigado
·        inquieto
·        en el borde o irritable
·        infeliz en el propio hogar
·        deprimido y triste
·        preocupados
·        nihilista (sin esperanza)
·        sobre o bajo comer
·        trastornos del sueño y/o pesadillas
·        miedo de ir a su propio buzón,
·        paranoia - pérdida de identidad
·        miedo de permitir que los niños jueguen en su propio vecindario
·        Miedo a que le hagan una marca o lo remolquen.
·        estresado
·        dolores y molestias corporales
·        problemas intestinales y/o reflujo ácido
·        pérdida de memoria - rumia obsesiva
·        problemas de la articulación mandibular temporal (TMJ) y/o rechinamiento de los dientes
·        hipervigilancia - agitación
·        miedo a perder la mascota
·        disfunción sexual

¿Qué causa el síndrome HOA?

En la raíz del síndrome HOA está el acoso intencional, longitudinal y metódico. Poco después de que el individuo toma posesión de su propiedad, la HOA estratégicamente comienza a enfocarse en las infracciones menores del propietario, si no inexistentes. El propósito de estos ataques es crear un flujo de ingresos. Este flujo de ingresos llega a los bolsillos de las compañías de administración, agencias de cobranza y abogados, ninguno de los cuales vive dentro de la comunidad que están acosando. Al igual que los parásitos voraces, estas organizaciones se alimentan del acoso basado en el miedo. El dueño de la casa, ahora encerrado en una hipoteca, se siente impotente ante la implacable persecución de la HOA por más y más dinero. En resumen: la evolución del acoso escolar y el robo de dinero para el almuerzo se ha convertido en un comportamiento adulto conocido en el mundo legal como chantaje, explotación financiera y extorsión, y el robo de dinero en el vecindario.

We are thankful ... Damos Gracias....

We are thankful ...
Damos Gracias....

We are thankful to be able to help our community to #StopCondoAbuse .

Hope the "abusers" realize that they are hurting their neighbors, community and country and mend their ways!

If not, we will put these “turkeys” in jail!

Estamos agradecidos de poder ayudar a nuestra comunidad a #StopCondoAbuse .
Esperamos que los "abusadores" se den cuenta de que están haciendo daños a sus vecinos, a la comunidad y a el país y recapaciten!
Si no, pondremos a estos "Guanajos" en la cárcel!

Meet State Representative Daniel A. Perez District 116 - Conozca al Representante Daniel A. Perez del Distrito 116

State Representative Daniel A. Perez
District 116

We met with newly elected Representative Daniel A. Perez of District 116.

He was the winner of the special election for the seat previously held by José Felix Díaz.

In the last year legislation ¨Pepí” Diaz was a champion for the rights of Condo Owners by enacting major changes to Florida Statute 718 nicknamed Condo “Criminal” Act.

We were very pleased to hear that Representative Perez will continue to work for the rights of Condo and HOA owners to stop condo abuse.

We will continue our discussions with Representative Perez and his staff to make sure that “Special Interest” do not roll back any of the accomplishments of the current laws and to enhance FS 718 and FS 720 to further help the owners.

We welcome a new “champion” for owners rights in Representative Daniel A. Perez.

Les Presentamos al recién elegido
Representante Daniel A. Perez
por el Distrito 116

Nos reunimos con el recién elegido Representante Daniel A. Pérez del Distrito 116.

Fue el vencedor de la elección especial para el escaño anteriormente ocupado por José Félix Díaz.

En la última legislatura "Pepí "Díaz fue un "campeón" por los derechos de los propietarios de condominios al promulgar cambios importantes al Estatuto de Florida 718 apodado Condominio" Criminal "Act.

Nos complació mucho escuchar que el Representante Pérez seguirá trabajando por los derechos de los propietarios de condominios y HOA para detener el abuso de condominios.

Continuaremos nuestras discusiones con el Representante Pérez y su personal para asegurarnos de que los "Intereses Especiales" no retrocedan ninguno de los logros de las leyes actuales y para mejorar FS 718 y FS 720 para ayudar aún más a los propietarios.

Damos la bienvenida a un nuevo "campeón" para los derechos de los propietarios en el Representante Daniel A. Pérez.



From: JRS []
Sent: Friday, October 20, 2017 8:35 AM
To: ''; 'Yessenia Polanco'; 'Dante Chiabra'
Subject: RE: THE REALITY OF PAVILION CONDOMINIUM. LA REALIDAD. Version in English and spanish.

Good morning.

I received this email twice yesterday.

This email is a good example of “voodoo” economics and it is just propaganda for the coming elections at the Pavilion.    We are ready to refute these numbers.

If FirstService Residential (FSR) is going to be a proxy for the current BOD in the next elections and send these type of emails to all the owners then we demand equal time and that you mail to all owners our messages.

Please. let me know how I can send you our messages so you can email it to all the owners otherwise we need a copy of all the emails of the owners.

By the way, we still are waiting somebody to explain to the owners where the $3,000,000 loss has gone!


Jorge Rodriguez Suarez

Recommendation for Miami Beach Ballot for the Election on November 7 2017

These two candidates are all in to #StopCondoAbuse!

#VoteGonzalez   78

Gerber is going to win the mayor's office – we reached out to him 
but he ignored us. He does not need our votes!

#NEVERGONGORA of Becker & Poliokoff

We endorse Mark Samuelian for Miami Beach Commission Group 2

Let me again share my position on two of the topics:

1. I strongly support laws that strengthen condo residents rights. I also support the latest revision recently passed by State legislators that increase penalties to condo board members who use their positions to steal from their neighbors. Florida has over 35,000 condo associations and as a recent Miami Herald investigative piece showed many condo associations are very poorly run.

2. Short term rentals. I support the rule of law. I support residents of single family residential neighborhoods who are victimized by illegal "short term party houses". I think property owners should obey our zoning laws. I sympathize with hotel owners who claim they are losing business to illegal and unregulated short term rental operators. I believe our legislators are working on legislation that will clarify short term rentals.

Feel free to share with your group.


Mark Samuelian
Candidate - Miami Beach Commission, Group 2