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From: JRS []
Sent: Friday, October 20, 2017 8:35 AM
To: ''; 'Yessenia Polanco'; 'Dante Chiabra'
Subject: RE: THE REALITY OF PAVILION CONDOMINIUM. LA REALIDAD. Version in English and spanish.

Good morning.

I received this email twice yesterday.

This email is a good example of “voodoo” economics and it is just propaganda for the coming elections at the Pavilion.    We are ready to refute these numbers.

If FirstService Residential (FSR) is going to be a proxy for the current BOD in the next elections and send these type of emails to all the owners then we demand equal time and that you mail to all owners our messages.

Please. let me know how I can send you our messages so you can email it to all the owners otherwise we need a copy of all the emails of the owners.

By the way, we still are waiting somebody to explain to the owners where the $3,000,000 loss has gone!


Jorge Rodriguez Suarez

Recommendation for Miami Beach Ballot for the Election on November 7 2017

These two candidates are all in to #StopCondoAbuse!

#VoteGonzalez   78

Gerber is going to win the mayor's office – we reached out to him 
but he ignored us. He does not need our votes!

#NEVERGONGORA of Becker & Poliokoff

We endorse Mark Samuelian for Miami Beach Commission Group 2

Let me again share my position on two of the topics:

1. I strongly support laws that strengthen condo residents rights. I also support the latest revision recently passed by State legislators that increase penalties to condo board members who use their positions to steal from their neighbors. Florida has over 35,000 condo associations and as a recent Miami Herald investigative piece showed many condo associations are very poorly run.

2. Short term rentals. I support the rule of law. I support residents of single family residential neighborhoods who are victimized by illegal "short term party houses". I think property owners should obey our zoning laws. I sympathize with hotel owners who claim they are losing business to illegal and unregulated short term rental operators. I believe our legislators are working on legislation that will clarify short term rentals.

Feel free to share with your group.


Mark Samuelian
Candidate - Miami Beach Commission, Group 2

GAME OVER! First Arrest under new Condo "Criminal" Law - NO MAS! Primer Arresto bajo la nueva ley "Penal" de Condominios

First Arrest under new Condo "Criminal" Law

AVENTURA, Fla. - A property manager for a condominium building in Aventura was arrested Tuesday for stealing money from a cash vending machine in a laundry room and for attempting to defraud the owner of Safety Electric, authorities said.
According to an arrest report, the owner was contacted by the Admiral Port's building engineer to repair an emergency electrical situation. 

Primer Arresto bajo la nueva ley "Penal" de Condominios

AVENTURA, Fla. - Un administrador de propiedades de un edificio de condominios en Aventura fue arrestado el martes por robar dinero de una máquina expendedora en efectivo en un lavadero y por intentar defraudar al dueño de Safety Electric, dijeron las autoridades.

De acuerdo con un informe de arresto, el propietario fue contactado por el ingeniero del puerto del Almirante Port para reparar una situación eléctrica de emergencia. 


An Opinion By Jan Bergemann
President, Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc.
Published August 19, 2017

I have said it all along: Division Chief Arbitrator James Earl is easily predictable. He just loves to put his own "spin" on laws, especially if these laws are new and have not been interpreted yet in a court of law. He obviously feels a lot more important than he really is. In my opinion he is clearly ignoring the wording of the new law regulating the condo recall process.

Remember my Op-Ed dated August 3, 2017 headlined: "WHY DO ATTORNEYS DON'T READ -- OR UNDERSTAND -- NEW LAWS?"

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Another Successful Demonstration by ReformFL. We have been promised by Mayor Gimenez a meeting with the Chief of Police before September 7, 2017

Otra exitosa demonstración por ReformFL. 

El Alcalde Giménez nos ha prometido una reunión con el Jefe de la Policía antes de Septiembre 7 2017

Hand-Delivered Letter to
Mayor Gimenez and Other Officials

August 9, 2017

Mayor Carlos Gimenez

Board of County Commissioners

State Attorney for Miami Dade County Honorable Katherine Fernandez-Rundle

Honorable Harvey Ruvin

To Whom It May Concern,

By way of this letter we are asking the Mayor, Board of County Commissioners, Law Enforcement and the State Attorney’s Office to enforce the new condo law as specified in Chapter 718 of the Statutes of the State of Florida. Your constituents demand that there be ample training for all police departments throughout the County, more informational meetings with law enforcement and the State Attorney’s Office where owner’s concerns can be addressed, and a thorough explanation of how cases will be handled.
We are also requesting that the Mayor and Board of County Commissioners reach out to the Florida Bar to address the abuse of power by attorneys that may be using the legal system to harass and retaliate against owners for asking questions and demanding to see records they have the right to access as contemplated in Chapter 718 of the Statutes of the State of Florida.

We are concerned that special assessments and loans taken arbitrarily by many Associations place a financial hardship on Condo owners that in turn allow these Associations to place a lien on their properties and foreclose on them. Most of the time these special assessments and loans are not spent as told to owners or even necessary.
We need the protection and representation of our elected leaders including our judges who need to stand up for condo owners who are being sued with their own money in our justice system in retaliation for fighting the abuse and neglect. We need Pro Bono Legal Aide to start representing these humble and low income families who are being pushed out of their homes by unscrupulous Boards, Management Companies and the Attorneys that in violation of their oath to justice are the conduits for this fraud. It is not a level playing field.
We look forward to following up with the Mayor and Board of County Commissioners on September 7, 2017 at 9:30 am and speaking about the many cases that have come to Reform Florida’s desk.
REFORM FLORIDA standing up for condo owners’ rights.

Carta Entregada en Mano al
Alcalde Gimenez y a Otros Dirigentes

9 de agosto de 2017

Alcalde Carlos Gimenez
Junta de Comisionados del Condado
Fiscal del Condado de Miami Dade Honorable Katherine Fernandez-Rundle
Honorable Harvey Ruvin

A quien pueda interesar,

Por medio de esta carta pedimos al Alcalde, a la Junta de Comisionados del Condado, a los agentes de la seguridad y a la Oficina del Fiscal del Estado que apliquen la nueva ley de condominios especificada en  el capítulo 718 de los Estatutos de la Florida.

Los votantes  exigen que se entrenen ampliamente a todos los departamentos policiales en todo el Condado, que se lleve a cabo reuniones informativas con la policía y la Oficina del Fiscal del Estado, donde se pueden tratar las preocupaciones de los dueños,  y que se provea una explicación detallada de cómo se gestionarán los casos.

También estamos solicitando que el Alcalde y la Junta de Comisionados de Miami-Dade contacten con el Colegio de Abogados de la Florida para abordar el abuso de poder por los abogados que pueden estar utilizando el sistema legal para acosar y  tomar represalias contra los propietarios por hacer preguntas y exigiendo ver los registros oficiales como está contemplada por el capítulo 718 de los Estatutos de la Florida

Nos preocupa que las derramas extraordinarias y  préstamos tomados arbitrariamente por muchas asociaciones supongan una dificultad financiera para los propietarios de condominios que, a su vez, permiten que estas asociaciones pongan un gravamen (“lien”) sobre sus propiedades y las embarguen. La mayoría de las veces estas derramas extraordinarias y préstamos no se utilizan como se le dice a los propietarios o incluso que sean necesarios.

Necesitamos la ayuda, protección y representación de nuestros líderes electos, incluyendo a nuestros jueces que necesitan defender a los propietarios de condominios que están siendo demandados con su propio dinero en nuestro sistema de justicia en represalia por luchar contra el abuso y la negligencia.

Necesitamos  ayuda legal  Pro Bono para defender a estas familias humildes y de bajos ingresos que están siendo expulsados ​​de sus hogares por Juntas Directivas sin escrupulosos, compañías de gestión de propiedades y los abogados que en violación su juramento a la justicia son los conductos para este fraude.

No es un campo de juego nivelado.

Haremos un seguimiento con el Alcalde y la Junta de Comisionados del Condado el 7 de septiembre de 2017 a las 9:30 am para hablar los muchos casos que han llegado a la atención de Reforma Florida.

REFORM FLORIDA en pie por los derechos de propietarios de condominios.