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Celebrate sea turtle season

Celebrate sea turtle season by helping keep our sea turtles and their hatchlings safe! 

Did you know that sea turtle season in Miami Beach is from April 1 - October 31? 

Sea turtles nest on our beaches annually and they need our help with making it back to the ocean safely. Remember to never touch or harass a nesting sea turtle or hatchling and to keep a distance from any marked nests on the beach.   If you encounter an injured sea turtle, contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission by calling 1-888-404-FWCC.

The presence of artificial light from properties near the beach disorients nesting adults and hatchlings. It is important to turn off all unnecessary lighting or keep the blinds closed at night. It is also recommended to install tinted glass or shades on all windows and glass doors facing or within line-of-sight from the beach. 

Any lights located on the exterior of a beach side property can also be modified or replaced to decrease disorientation and improve nesting habits through the installation of indirect low profile lighting fixtures and bulbs. Existing fixtures can also be shielded or repositioned so that the point source of the light or any reflective surface is no longer visible from the beach. 

For more information on sea turtles or sea turtle friendly lighting, please contact Yani Pineda (; 305.673.7010). Click here to learn about the Environment and Sustainability Division!


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