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Condo owners in Miami Dade County met today with our Future Mayor Raquel Regalado

Aug 26, 2016 — As Raquel said VOTA PARA QUE TE RESPETEN! RESPECT IS EARNED VOTE! Raquel Regalado has earned my respect. She provides solutions, which is what condo owners desperately need. We spoke at length of what can be done at the local level because we cannot wait any's been 12 years of waiting for our legislators and DBPR to act. Condo owners are done with living in lawless Florida, we are taking our County back.

As mayor of Miami Dade County Raquel committed to creating a special task force within the Economic Crimes unit dedicated only to investigating condos. Raquel knows that condo fraud is rampant and as crime goes in Miami Dade county way underreported. She would lower the CAP this department is allowed to investigate to $50, 000 compounded over 2 years. She explained that our officers are not given the tools necessary to address the problems. As our Mayor Raquel will bring the training on condo law to our police and detectives so they can pin point how the these frauds are being orchestrated. They would work closely with the State Attorneys office.

Condo fraud is a multi-million dollar industry in Miami Dade County.
Raquel stressed that a strong police presence in this condo epidemic will deter these crimes from being committed and ultimately protect condo owners pockets. She is the only leader that will make sure our detectives investigate these crimes and bring back law and order in Miami Dade County!

Carlos Gimenez has done NOTHING for condo owners in 5 years and has done nothing for our Miami Dade County as Mayor. Looking back not even when he was Commissioner ;(. Carlos Gimenez served as vice chair of the transportation committee, if he ever cared about our County maybe we wouldn’t be in the problems we are with the transit today. He has been a deplorable public servant to say the least. Carlos Gimenez does not care about you or me, he is in bed with the special interests they are the only people he answers to!

Please VOTE for Raquel Regalado she cares about our families, she cares about our homes.


Maryin Vargas
Condo Activist

P.S. great read: Carlos Gimenez’s links to lobbyists lead straight to his staff

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