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Let's remember the fallen...

The Condo Office will be Closed on Monday, May 30th 2011

Concrete Restoration

Due to Life & Safety Issues in the building. The Engineers have decided to do lines 12, 12-A and lines 14 first.

Please secure all furniture Inside and  Please refrain from using your Balcony until the Balconies are done.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Laundry Systems USA - New Prices

The vend price for the front load washers will be $1.50. They have a larger , 18 Lbs. capacity vs their old 12 lbs. capacity. They can do larger loads at one time. The dryers are very big as well. The dryers will vend at the same price as you are drying currently, $1.25. You will also save over 55% in your water and electricity bill with the Energy Star equipment.

I will be by on Monday to drop off your individual resident packets with their $5.00 smart cards inside. Please think of a date and time you would like me to do the presentation to the residents. The packets will have all the step by step instructions on how to work the equipment as well. We expect there to be a lot of questions and end user errors for at least the first 60 days until they get use to the card system and front load washers. Please have them call us and we will handle all the questions.

Thanks again,
Betsy Alonso
(305) 297-3866

Laundry Rooms -Coming Soon- No More Quarters

Situated in the Lobby by Service Elevator

NEW - Laundry Rooms Changes - Monday, May 9th 2011

Old washing machines and dryers out, new machines in. Read below:
Pavilion Washing