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We endorse Mark Samuelian for Miami Beach Commission Group 2

Let me again share my position on two of the topics:

1. I strongly support laws that strengthen condo residents rights. I also support the latest revision recently passed by State legislators that increase penalties to condo board members who use their positions to steal from their neighbors. Florida has over 35,000 condo associations and as a recent Miami Herald investigative piece showed many condo associations are very poorly run.

2. Short term rentals. I support the rule of law. I support residents of single family residential neighborhoods who are victimized by illegal "short term party houses". I think property owners should obey our zoning laws. I sympathize with hotel owners who claim they are losing business to illegal and unregulated short term rental operators. I believe our legislators are working on legislation that will clarify short term rentals.

Feel free to share with your group.


Mark Samuelian
Candidate - Miami Beach Commission, Group 2