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BOD NOW AUG 31 2011

WEDNESDAY  AUG 31 , 2011 AT 7:30 PM 
1)   Meeting called to order, Helena Del Monte, President 
2)   Roll Call/Quorum Verification 
3)   Approval of Minutes (July 27, 2011) 
4)   Treasurers Report 
5)    Concrete Restoration Project Update
A)  Pistorino and Alam
B)  Diversifeid Construction
6)    Access Control Presentation
A)   I Watch System
7)   Mr. Mike Pintado, Managers Report:
A)  Delinquency % update
B)   Insurance Claim Update 
8)   Old Business:
A)   Bid Scope for Financial Management Services 
       7)New Business 
A)    Parking Issue  Unit 612                                                    
B)    Parking Issue  Unit PH 3
C)    Enforcement of 718.303 to Delinquent Units
D)    Beautification of common area to have prior BOD approval
E)     Gifts to Association to have BOD Approval
F)     Selection of General Council
G)    Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Prevention
H)    Approval of Blue Ribbon Committees
I)      Review of all Pending Issues with Dateline to Complete
J)     Discussion on future BOD Executive Committee Members
K)    Discussion on Fiscal Plan
L)     Access Control Vendor
M)   Check Scanner and new Lock Box Service Bank
N)   Unit 425  

9)   Questions and An Answers segment for unit owners
10)            Adjournment

Helena Del Monte, President of the Board

Windows Inspection

On Friday 25 thru Wednesday August 31st 2001 commencing at 10:00 am personnel fro QBE Insurance along with Alayon and Associates will be inspecting windows in respective units.

Pavilion personnel will escort these vendors.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation.

The Property Manager

City of Miami Beach: HURRICANE IRENE #1

Monday, August 22, 2011 | 5:00 p.m. 

We are closely monitoring Hurricane Irene that could be a potential threat to our area this week. At this time, all Miami Beach services continue normal operations. All residents and businesses are strongly encouraged to check their hurricane preparedness kits, review their family emergency plans; and remain informed.

As a reminder, Miami Beach is an evacuation zone, as such plan in advance where you will stay, how you will get there, and what supplies you will take in case an evacuation is issued. Also, give yourself ample time to get to a safe area.

You are encouraged to monitor the local news and weather. For information on how to prepare for a hurricane:

Jellyfish Invade South Florida Beaches

Stinging Creatures Spotted As Far South As Keys

Miami Beach lifeguard Osvardo Garcia said he treated at least seven people Monday for jellyfish stings by pouring white vinegar on the sting.

Miami tiene la mayor comunidad argentina de EEUU

Tantos argentinos se mudaron al sur de la Florida durante los últimos 10 años que incluso un “Pequeño Buenos Aires” surgió en Miami Beach a lo largo de la Avenida Collins, aproximadamente entre las calles 65 y 75. Los residentes de la zona frecuentan cafeterías y restaurantes argentinos como el Buenos Aires Bakery; Café y Manolo, ambos sobre la Avenida Collins. 


Aug 4, 2011

To:           All Residents

From:     Mike Pintado

Due to the reduction in available parking spaces there will be no guest parking this weekend Aug 5, 6 and 7th.  I truly understand that this is an inconvenience however it is the only way we can having sufficient parking for unit owners and residents.   

Any vehicle parked in an unauthorized location is subject to be towed.

Mike Pintado
Property Manager