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From: JRS []
Sent: Friday, October 20, 2017 8:35 AM
To: ''; 'Yessenia Polanco'; 'Dante Chiabra'
Subject: RE: THE REALITY OF PAVILION CONDOMINIUM. LA REALIDAD. Version in English and spanish.

Good morning.

I received this email twice yesterday.

This email is a good example of “voodoo” economics and it is just propaganda for the coming elections at the Pavilion.    We are ready to refute these numbers.

If FirstService Residential (FSR) is going to be a proxy for the current BOD in the next elections and send these type of emails to all the owners then we demand equal time and that you mail to all owners our messages.

Please. let me know how I can send you our messages so you can email it to all the owners otherwise we need a copy of all the emails of the owners.

By the way, we still are waiting somebody to explain to the owners where the $3,000,000 loss has gone!


Jorge Rodriguez Suarez

Recommendation for Miami Beach Ballot for the Election on November 7 2017

These two candidates are all in to #StopCondoAbuse!

#VoteGonzalez   78

Gerber is going to win the mayor's office – we reached out to him 
but he ignored us. He does not need our votes!

#NEVERGONGORA of Becker & Poliokoff