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Board of Director Meeting - March 1, 2011



     1)   Meeting called to order, Helena Del Monte, President
2)   Roll Call/Quorum/Swearing in Ceremony
3)   Decorum and Procedures at Board of Directors Meetings
4)   Introduction of January 2011 Financials
5)   Approval of last Board Meeting Minutes
6)   Discussion/motion authorizing Mike Pintado, CAM on the following:
a)    Authorize CAM repairs and purchases up to $1,000 w/o BOD prior approval.
b)   Authority CAM to bid, and choose vendor on jobs necessary for health and safety without Board majority approval up to $3,000. Matter will be voted retroactive at the following Board Meeting.
c)    Discussion on bid requirement regarding emergency situation jobs.
7)   Discussion/Motioning to allow the BOD President, Vice-President and/or Treasurer to approve short sales for the Association. 
8)   Discussion/Motioning on Procedure to follow when seeking realtors to procure short sales on foreclosed units on behalf of the Association.
9)   Discussion/Motioning on Procedure to commence a mandatory renters application to be submitted to the Pavilion Office.
a)   Fee for each application
b)   Mandatory screening of applicants
c)   Enforcing Rentals according to Pavilion docs.
     10) Movers and construction crews.
a)    Enforcing $100 security deposit from owners, for appliances or furniture deliveries.
b)    Enforcing $500 security deposit for apartments under renovation or major repair.
     11) New Business
12) Mr. Mike Pintado, Pavilion CAM Monthly Report
a.    Introducing pertinent correspondence since the last meeting
b.    Diversified Construction update-Health and Safety Issues
c.    Collections Update
d.    Status of the Elevator Project
e.    Status on M units
f.     Status on the Terrace apartments done by Kay Restoration
g.    Possibilities for the Recreation Room

Helena Del Monte, President of the Board
March 1, 2011

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