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Board of Directors Meeting

THURSDAY  DEC  8 , 2011 AT 8:00 PM SHARP


         1)    Meeting called to order, Helena Del Monte, President

2)    Roll Call/Quorum Verification

3)    Approval of Minutes (Oct 26, 2011)

4)    Treasurers Report

5)     Concrete Restoration Project Update
A)   Diversified Construction
B)   Pistorino and Alam Consulting Engineers

6)    Mr. Mike Pintado, Managers Report:
A)   Delinquency % update
B)   Elevator Modernization Project Update
C)   Update on Access Control Project
7)    Old Business:
A)   Unit 425

8)    New Business-
A)    Presentation of 2010 Financial Audit
B)    Approval of FOB Pricing
C)    Adoption of Recruiting, Hiring and Personnel Policies
D)    Ombudsman Office to Monitor BOD Election
E)    Payment Plan monies to Association.
F)     Procedure for Rental of Delinquent Units.
G)    Proposals for Exit Doors
H)   Relocation of Reception Desk

9)    Questions and An Answers segment for unit owners

10) Adjournment

Helena Del Monte, President of the Board
 Dec 6, 2011
                              NOTE: MEETING FOR UNIT OWNERS ONLY

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