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Ricky Arriola for Miami Beach Commissioner


When you announce you’re running for elected office, you immediately begin fielding questions like, ‘why are you doing this?’ and ‘are you nuts?’ Both happen to be fair questions, even when they’re coming from your mother, but rest assured, I didn’t take the decision to run lightly.
I’m running for Commissioner because Miami Beach has arrived at a critical moment with real, generational challenges at our doorstep, and I want to be a part of the solution.
As you will learn, I have an ambitious agenda, but together we can do it!  It’s a pivotal time in our City’s history.  We are 100 years old.  We need to start securing our future for the next 100 years.  The decisions we collectively make over the next few years will have a significant role in our City’s future for the next several decades and will chart our path for the next 100.  We are redeveloping our Convention Center, upgrading our water and sewage infrastructure to deal with flooding and sea level rise, deciding on mass transit solutions to deal with growing traffic congestion, and beginning the economic redevelopment of North Beach after decades of neglect by City government.
I strongly believe that we have a civic duty to give back to the community and to help improve the lives of others.  For me, I feel that the best way that I can do that right now is to run for public office.  I want to take bold, visionary action that allows Miami Beach to secure its place as an iconic international City.  Miami Beach will set the standard for what it means to live in a world-class City.  Our City will take pride in, and rightfully boast of, its world-class local government.  We will deliver world-class government services with a hometown, local government touch.
"This is my vision for our City's future. Please join my campaign and together we will succeed!"

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