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Board of Directors Regular Meeting
June,02 2010

Minutes June 022010

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Board of Directors Regular Meeting


Date: Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Time: 7:30 P.M.
Place: 5601 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Fl 33140
Location: Social and Activities Room (Mezzanine Level)

I. Call to Order @ 7:38PM
II. Roll Call -
Alina Gonzalez, Helena Del Monte (via phone), Jose Martinez, Alex Hernandez, Eddy Valdes, Priscilla Suarez all present; a quórum was established
Note: Director Juan Pablo Aleman resigned effective 5/26/2010

III. Reports of Officers -there were no reports.
IV. New Business – ratification of a SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT with R.N. Brown (contractor)

a. Motion to approve the Settlement Agreement - by Priscilla Suarez

b. 2nd - by Alina Gonzalez

c. Open discussion

1. There were no questions from members of the Board of Directors; no discussion
2. No questions from audience members

d. Vote to approve – Martinez(Yay), Valdez(Yay), Del Monte (Yay), Hernandez (Yay)
e. Approved and ratified by unanimous vote

V. Old Business – no old business

VI. Motion to Adjourn - by Alina Gonzalez
2nd – by Priscilla Suarez
All in favor - meeting was adjourned @7:52PM

Submitted by: Jose Martinez, Secretary