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Meet Your Candidate: Adrian Gonzalez for Commissioner of Miami Beach Group III

Nelson Martinez, Adrian Gonzalez, Maryin Vargas

We met with Adrian Gonzalez, candidate for Commissioner of Miami Beach Group III.  Elections will be November 7, 2017.

Adrian's main opponent is Michael Góngora, a lawyer with Becker and Poliokoff.
We cannot support Mr. Góngora nor his firm after their lobbying to suppress the criminal charges in the new Condo Act, aka "Condo Criminal Law."  ClickHere to view B&P Conflict of Interest Post in this blog.

We have other major issues with Mr. Góngora and B&P.  However,  want to avoid to be sued AGAIN!

Adrian, 42 years old, is married and father of two boys.  He is a small business owner: David’s Cafecito on Alton Road.  He grew up in Miami Beach.

Adrian and his family have experienced personal tragedy and unfortunate business hardships in the past “Great Recession.”    He had to make tough decisions that impacted other people but that he thought were the best outcome for all at that time.

He is also a man of faith and we are sure that his has atoned for any shortcomings.

Adrian knows firsthand what is going on in condominiums and he will help us to stop condo abuse as well as to mitigate excessive short term rental.

If you vote in Miami Beach you can sign his petition and/or donate to his campaign, if not donate!

You can contact Adrian:
Phone: (786)600-5655

REMEMBER:  #StopCondoAbuse #NeverGongora

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