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Good evening Governor Rick Scott, Mr. Lawson, and Mr. Brown, 

I hope this email finds you well.

I attended the seminar today given by DBPR's Lazaro Gonzalez  and hosted by Representative Jose Javier Rodriguez. We appreciate the time taken to educate condo owners but like myself most condo owners know the process, have gone to DBPR, and things have not been resolved.

Condo owners are sick & tired of the corruption between Boards and Management companies. We get ping-ponged around by DBPR, attorneys, and the police.

Condo owners have been waiting too long more than 12 years for there to be REAL reform to Condo Law that protects owners. In addition, DBPR must exercise the powers the legislature has given it like removing Board Members that break the law and referring cases to the state attorney's office. Why have they not done this?

Unfortunately, 12 years later condo owners still have more questions & frustration than answers. 

Why has the DBPR not used the power given to them by the legislature to remove Board members. In my case at Granada Grand they have violated the law including failing to hold elections, not maintaining association records, having Board members that over 90 days delinquent, in addition, to the six other allegations I have presented to you.

In all prior cases the DBPR has found the board at fault. They have broken condo law.

Please let me know what the resolution to my case is. I have not received any correspondence since our last conversation early June.

If their constituents homes are not important to our leaders then I don't know what is.

I appreciate your time.

Thank you,


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