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Dear State Senators,

For too long HOA and Condo owners have waited for our elected officials, our Leaders, to CARE about our homes. We are victims of  theft, harassment, and lies at the hands of corrupt boards, management companies and  attorneys. We don't have peace in our own homes. Our homes, families must matter to our leaders it's our priority,  for most our largest investment. Owners demand change to HOA/condo law, enforcement by DBPR, and the funding (trust fund, which is currently funded by a $4 unit fee paid by 1.1 million unit owners in the state of Florida.)to protect our homes.

At this moment we are Ping ponged around by DBPR who has not referred 1 case to the State Attorneys office nor bothered to remove 1 board member in all these years for breaking Condo law. 

Ping ponged by police when we report the fraud.

 Ping ponged by our politicians who have known of the problem for years and left HOA/Condo owners to dry.

Our homes are not a GAME. We are not going to stop until there is change. The problem of non enforcement of condo law by our government has caused a financial hardship and deteriorated the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of the 1.5+ million Condo Owners across Florida.

Special interest don't want the DBPR to do their job and for the laws to be enforced. Attorneys, management companies, and corrupt Board members are the ones gaining from the misery of owners.

Leader please support a change to condo law, stricter enforcement by DBPR, and the funding to protect our homes.

Thank you,

Maryin Vargas 

Condo owner in Miami, FL

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