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FEEDBACK - DBPR Condo Law Workshop Jul 19 2016 hosted by Stete Rep Jose Javier Rodriguez

Sent: Wednesday, July 20, 2016 10:22 AM
To: Lazaro Gonzalez (
Cc: ''
Subject: FEEDBACK - DBPR Condo Law Workshop Jul 19 2016 hosted by State Rep Jose Javier Rodriguez 

Good morning Mr. Gonzalez,

I was at the Workshop yesterday. 

Initially I was embarrassed by the attitude of the audience towards your lengthy presentation.

However, I was not aware that some of the attendees had seen the Facebook posting which I am including below.

Most of the attendees looked like humble people who have saved their money to buy a place to live.  “The American Dream.”  In this case a unit in a condominium.

Now they find that the Association fees are increasing exponentially probably due to mismanagement and corruption. They are afraid that they might end up homeless!

Yesterday, we did not want to hear how the DBPR works.  We wanted to be HEARD! You did not provide this opportunity.

We suspect that “bad apples” in the Board of Directors in some Associations are strengthen by bad Property Management firms and unethical lawyers who line up to drain our hard earned money using all kind of schemes.

Most of us thought that the DBPR was the mechanism that would help the “little” people.

As you saw last night, we are all extremely disappointed.  Especially when we see pictures like the ones below that can put into question the credibility of the DBPR.


A Concerned Condo Owner

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