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ReformFL to Help Pavilion Condo’s Owners – ReformFL a la ayuda de los dueños en el Pavilion Condo

ReformFL will help abused and harassed  owners at the Pavilion Condo of Miami Beach from the current Board of Directors, lawyers, property manager, insurance companies and banks.

Currently the Pavilion Condo is represented by Becker and Poliokoff, managed by FirstService Residential and have major loans with Banco Popular.

ReformFL is a grassroots movement that was a key player in the drafting, grand jury testimony, and ultimate passing of the new Condo “Criminal” Law at Florida State Legislature.

ReformFL was there when Erika Carrillo of Univision and Brenda Medina of Miami Herald conducted their great piece of investigative journalism. 

ReformFL’s “naranjitas” received a standing ovation when the bill was passed in Tallahassee unanimously lead by Representative José Felix Diaz and Senators Rene Garcia and José Javier Rodríguez. 

ReformFL is committed to stop collusion between abusive Board of Directors and the lawyers, property manager, banks and insurance company that “gang-up” against the owners.

Read the open email below from ReformFL to Senator Marco Rubio.  If Senator Rubio chooses not to hear us we will be in his offices peacefully demonstrating.

We want to know  on which side of the law is Senator Rubio is with.  We will remember come election day.


ReformFL ayudará a los propietarios abusados ​​y acosados ​​en el Pavilion Condo de Miami Beach de la actual Junta de Directores, abogados, administrador de propiedades, compañías de seguros y bancos.

Actualmente el Pavilion Condo está representada por Becker y Poliokoff, gestionados por FirstService Residential y tienen importantes préstamos con Banco Popular.

ReformFL es un movimiento de base que fue una pieza clave en la redacción, el testimonio del gran jurado y la aprobación definitiva de la nueva Ley "Criminal" de Condos en la Legislatura del Estado de la Florida.

ReformFL estaba allí cuando Erika Carrillo de Univisión y Brenda Medina de Miami Herald condujerón su gran pieza de periodismo de investigación.

Las “naranjitas” de ReformFL recibieron una ovación de pie cuando el proyecto de ley fue aprobado unánimemente en Tallahassee y dirigido por el Representante José Félix Díaz y los Senadores René García y José Javier Rodríguez.

ReformFL se compromete a evitar la colusión entre la Junta Directiva abusiva y los abogados, administrador de propiedad, bancos y compañías de seguros que "confabulan" contra los propietarios.

Lea el correo electrónico abierto de ReformFL al senador Marco Rubio. Si el Senador Rubio opta por no oírnos estaremos en sus oficinas demostrando pacíficamente.

Queremos saber de qué lado de la ley está el Senador Rubio. Recordaremos el día de las elecciones.


Good evening Hon. Senator Marco Rubio,

I am writing to you as you are very familiar with the legal counsel that works with First Service Residential as you I believe gave the eulogy for Mr. Poliakoff. 

Reform Florida is a grass root movement that represents condo and HOA owners all across Florida and we have had enough of the complaints coming from various condos managed by this management company and this law firm especially at Pavilion Condo in Miami Beach, Boca View, Gables Waterway Towers, The Palms of Key Biscayne to name a few . Please advise when we can meet to discuss? 

We will be protesting at your office if no action is taken in defense of these condo owners. It's unacceptable  the horrible job First Service Residential and Becker and Poliakoff have done on behalf on condo owners all across Florida. In our opinion First Service Residential CAM license needs to be revoked and Becker and Poliakoff seriously reprimanded by the Florida Bar. 

It just so happens Mr. Michael Gonghora is the attorney at this building if he can't even manage one condo how can he expect to manage a commissioner seat in Miami Beach?

Reform Florida would like to get your feedback on this issue given your familiarity with this law firm. Also, I see that you appointed someone from Becker and Poliakoff to nominate a Federal judge we would like to interview you for our over 50000 strong condo owner folllowing and get your thoughts on the nominees. Judges are the backbone of our democracy it's so important that the right person is picked. 

We look forward to our meeting we know Washington DC is hectic at this time but condo and HOA owners are over 1.5 million of your constituents so it's a very important issue. At this time we are backing House of Representatives Jose Felix Diaz for the Florida Senate and Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez for the US House of Representatives and we will do everything in our power to help them get elected. They have fought for condo and HOA owners and did their job, which is what we demand from our legislators.  Next year we will push for more reforms to condo and especially HOA laws to align with current statute 718. 

Reform Florida Leadership 

 La ignorancia mata a los pueblos, y por eso es preciso matar a la ignorancia.
- Jose Marti -


To: ''
Cc: 'Dante Chiabra'; 'Yessenia Polanco'; 'Francys Diaz'; 'Thomas, Victor'
Subject: Illegal Budget Meeting 2017 - no 14 days notice.

Mr. Escobar,

A neighbor just sent me the notice attached for the approval of the operational budget for 2017 that was found in an obscure place by the service elevator.

We have not been mailed the proposed budget nor the waiver for the reserves.

This meeting is scheduled for tomorrow Friday, July 14th 2017.  Although the note is dated June 29 2017, this is the first that any owner I consulted heard of this meeting.

We should have received by mail the proposed budget and notice 14 days in advanced.

FS 718.112 (2)(e) Budget meeting.
1. Any meeting at which a proposed annual budget of an association will be considered by the board or unit owners shall be open to all unit owners. At least 14 days prior to such a meeting, the board shall hand deliver to each unit owner, mail to each unit owner at the address last furnished to the association by the unit owner, or electronically transmit to the location furnished by the unit owner for that purpose a notice of such meeting and a copy of the proposed annual budget. An officer or manager of the association, or other person providing notice of such meeting, shall execute an affidavit evidencing compliance with such notice requirement, and such affidavit shall be filed among the official records of the association.

Please, clarify this immediately, send us the information and reschedule this meeting according to the law.

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