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Cyber Citizens for Justice: The new [Condo] bill has lots of teeth.

The Condo Reform Bill H 1237 was voted upon favorably by the Senate and will be on the way to the Governor. We need everybody's help to write to the Governor asking him to sign this very important bill into law -- starting July 1, 2017.

The version that passed is H 1237EG, which includes more or less all the provisions that were in the originally filed bill. Good going! Only the recall provisions have serious flaws, but it was too late to fix them this year.

 Remember: This year's session ends on Friday. The sponsors promised to fix it next year.

I will post the final version with the Bill Summary tomorrow on the website.

The new bill has lots of teeth. Now let's see who is willing to bite!!!! 

Good going!

A big Thank-You to the sponsors of the bill -- State Representative Jose Diaz and Senator Rene Garcia. They kept their promise and fought hard for the condo owners. 

Let's see if we convince them next year to fight as hard for the homeowners, creating similar provisions in FS 720.

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