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REFORMAFL ALERT - Caserolazo Justice for Condo Owners @Mirassou



Join us! We must protect our judiciary from a possible traffic of influences and we demand an investigation into this Judge and whatever ties he may or may not have to this past Judge and Attorney Jorge J. Perez.

Judge Eric Hendon has recused himself. First victory!! Tomorrow is the hearing for condo owners from Mirassou condominiums. 

We must continue to protest this epidemic of continuous abuse to condo owners now coming from the courts .... support your fellow condo owners tomorrow at 2:30 pm is the hearing but we will be protesting from 2 pm on the sidewalk. 

Condo owners are livid by Judge Eric Hendon's decision to say publicly that he was pleased with the receivers job even when presented with evidence to the contrary. The receiver a past Judg...e and now attorney Jorge J. Perez had done a horrible job.

We fear we can no longer trust the courts and their judges to be impartial towards condo owners. The trust has been broken. Our legislators and the Florida Bar must work hard to repair this trust.

We feel our justice system is compromised & tainted by past judges, law firms, and attorneys getting too cozy with current judges. We don't know why Judge Hendon would dismiss the pain of these hard working families but we as a community will not stand for it. It seems that this Judge has no decency, no common sense, and is unfit to uphold the law. The law is a system of rules that a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members in this case the law, truth, and reason seem to be dead!

We are sick and tired of the abuse. 

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